The Makeshift Ensemble

The MakeShift Ensemble presents Fox and Rabbit’s idiots guide to the Owl and the Pussycat – (Adventures in a pea green boat) Join the wayward Reynard. H. Fox and his reluctant sidekick Rabbit as they meander their inelegant way around the world of the Owl and the Pussycat in their beautiful pea-green……boat? Dodge the jellyfish in the deep blue sea, climb the giant bong-tree to meet the spirit who dwells within and journey with them to find the allusive and mythical shilling. Aided by a rockabilly hog (Elvis Pigsley), a Compass Fish and a somewhat melodramatic turkey – can Fox and Rabbit get the Owl and Pussycat to the hill on time to finally tie the knot? The MakeShift Ensemble bring a sense of adventure and humour to this wonderful retelling of Edward Lear’s classic nonsense poem, brought to life with puppetry and live music . Bring your imaginations and your runcible spoons and be entertained whatever your age.