The King's Tent

Travel back to 1540 and into the King’s Pavilion where you’ll meet the original rock and roll bad boy, Henry VIII. Hang out with Henry’s magnificent entourage, the Tudor Court, who have travelled down from Hampton Court Palace on a nationwide tour with the King. Explore the Tudor celebrity lifestyle, learn how to be the perfect courtier and see what you think of his new Queen, and 5th wife, Catherine Howard. Don’t miss the pomp and ceremony of the King’s arrival at 10:45 each day. Get involved in music, dancing and court entertainments galore. What's on Arrival of the entourage - 10:45
Join the Tudor Court as they prepare for the arrival of their new Queen Catherine. Arrival of the Queen - 11:00
See Queen Catherine arrive in all her pomp and pageantry. Great Tudor bake off - 11:30 & 14:30
Compete for the role of the King’s confectioner. A castle fit for a King - 12.30 & 15:00
Help Sir Edward Baynton explain how a fortress works by becoming part of the castle! Entourage! Join the King’s Court - 13:00 & 15:30
Hear about some of the wonders of Tudor innovation. Help Sir Thomas Heneage convince the King about some of these new ideas. Work it like a Tudor - 14:00 & 16:15
Join the new Queen to bust some moves in a right royal Tudor dance off. image