The Iguanodon Restaurant

It’s New Year’s Eve 1853, in Crystal Palace Park, and a group of leading professors and palaeontologists are holding a sumptuous banquet in an unusual venue; inside the concrete mould of an Iguanodon. We invite you to dine with us! Guests will feast on fossil-fuelled fun with a julienne of joviality, and a dessert of dinosaur delight! A highly visual, funny and peculiar, fast moving historical romp of a 35-minute show, The Iguanodon Restaurant is inspired by this extraordinary real-life event, and it takes place inside a massive 35 foot beast! Emerald Ant’s new show inspires audiences in their geological landscape, fossils and local history. Based on events from 1812 to 1860, which saw a rapid growth in scientific discovery, we travel at rollicking speed from Dorset to Sussex and Kent to witness momentous fossil discoveries, and finally to Crystal Palace, where our iguanodon still stands. Over an outrageously indulgent feast, the guests; famous dinosaur hunters and pioneering geologists, William Buckland, Gideon Mantell, Mary Anning and Richard Owen, compete over their amazing fossil finds, and wrangle over interpretations: Is it a bird? A giant fish? An ancient crocodile? They debate questions around extinction and evolution; How come dinosaurs no longer exist? What is the stone beneath our feet telling us about the world and our place in it?