The Blue Coats

Tonight Matthew I will be .........a camp bestival Bluecoat!  Lost & Found's gang of geriatric yet merry entertainers have been in training with Simon CowHell in the art of pop diva and are taking a break from the resort singing to bring the pop to Campy B. After being cut by the label for drowning out Trevor Nelson in 2016, they will be running the Blue Coats Pop Training academy. Open daily from 1 till 5, expect too many step and repeats, air guitar poses, Cher Struts and Mick Jagger pouts and ludicrous games for big and little stars including... The Eurovision Song contest
My Mums an Elvis impersonator, followed by My Dad does Madonna. The Return of 'THE RACE FOR LIFE' where it all began! and much much more that we haven't made up yet! Clubhouse Disco.
Said to be the vibeyst place come and Rave with the L&F Djs to the finest Disco music as they take you to gracelands and back via . The Blue Coats are brought to you by Lost and Found. The world’s leading nonsense facilitators.