The Amazing Camera Obscura

Enter the darkened world of Willett's Amazing Camera Obscura. Witness and wonder at the technology of a bygone age. View the familiar scenes in an entirely different way, see the ordinary work-a-day world become a show for your amusement. A magical experience, suitable for people of all ages They've appeared on Time Team, entertained festival goers at Glastonbury and wowed the crowds at the Fuji Rock Festival in Japan. You'll be fascinated by the images projected inside The Amazing Camera Obscura! Over the past 17 years the Amazing Camera Obscura has toured all over the British isles, France, Belgium, Holland, Japan and Australia bringing delight to tens of thousands of people. Its the Camera Obscura's universal appeal that has kept us on the road these past years, children who have grown up with digital entertainment still find something magical in the images presented to them. The older generations, likewise are fascinated by the colourful projections. Like age, language is no barrier to the enjoyment of the camera obscura, people watching seems to be an international preoccupation!