Professor Queen-Bee presents: “Its bee-hind You”

Professor Queen Bee presents her traditional Punch and Judy show, but with a distinct ‘green’ twist.  As well as all of his usual comedy shenanigans, in this show, the badly behaved Mr Punch also turns his slapstick on an important stripy species; the bee!   Audiences of all ages delight in the age-old tradition of shouting at Mr Punch, telling him to "bee-have" and to “buzz off” and of course in true pantomime style; “Its bee-hind you”! Professor Queen-Bee (AKA Teresa Verney-Brookes) is also an ecologist and has worked in the conservation sector for over 20 years with large national conservation organisations including RSPB, and the Wildlife Trust.  She is also an Environmental Education and Forest School Specialist.  In “It’s Bee-hind You” Professor Queen-Bee draws on her background in the conservation field and combines it with her passion for the eccentric art-form of Punch and Judy to put across important ecological messages in a fun and accessible way.  At the end of the show, Mr Punch and his fellow cast member; Prince Charles, mingle with the audience to offer advice about how planting wild flowers can help bee’s and give out information from charities such as Bumblebee Conservation, Plantlife and RSPB etc.