Pop Confessional!

The Pop Confessional is a portable confession booth, which enables people to confess to their most pitiful Pop Music playlists, from guilty pleasures to secret desires. These confidences will be shared with the High Priestess of Pop who will take confession in strictest confidence. What pop do you confess to liking? Steps? Bieber? Vanilla Ice? Peter Andre? Demis Roussos? Five? Or what about Coldplay? Minogue’s early work? Westlife? What pop do you love? What do you hate? What is this thing called pop anyway? The Pop Confessional is an intimate place to confide about the music, which you find most sinful or to divulge those pop moments which sent you into heavenly rapture. It's a piece of interactive art about music itself. Depending on the confession, it can be playful, profane or even profound.... you might even find absolution. As the Confessional is portable, the priestess and her aide will find their audience....