Oxfords Bakery

The bakery itself has been standing for well over 200 years.
Frank and Olive Oxford bought the village bakehouse in Alweston, near Sherborne, and they began our journey in September of 1911.
The ovens we use today were installed in 1921. Our largest dough mixer, the last working one of its kind anywhere in the world, is 75 years old. We are the original artisan bakery. A place where you can get a beautiful sourdough made using stoneground organic flour, at the same time as choosing which Dorset Lardy Cake you’d like to take home!
We’ve been baking since 1911, during world wars, supermarket dominance and through times where baking was, well, just not fashionable.
We’ve harnessed the skills and techniques that other bakeries crave, to give you a premium quality product, from a bakery with real heritage.