Mina Music

Mina Music consists of Debbie Sanders on vocals and Matty DuCasse on computer and percussion.
They have both worked together for many years, within bands such as Skylab and other projects.
With her experience as a singer/songwriter and as a storyteller, Debbie Sanders, began writing songs for children. Her aim was to use all the different genres of music she loves, from hip hop, dance tunes, jazz to epic excursions, even some bubblegum trap music, to create her songs. Incorporating story telling or rhymes, she writes on subjects such as the playground, friendship or squirrels riding bikes, in fact anything that is in the lives of children and their imaginations.
Matty Ducasse, musician, artist, and producer has brought and exciting, playful and dynamic aspect to the music.
Mina Music's show is an opportunity for kids and parents to dance, sing a long, and enjoy some great stories and songs.