Lizzie’s Way

In the heart of Dingly Dell lies a woodland wonderland, Lizzie’s Way. Lizzie is mega awesome at creating fun in the wild for the young and young at heart. Lizzie has specially designed Lizzie’s Way to provide children and parents with a magical and stimulating environment to fuel their imaginations and their love for the outdoors. Whether it is making a muddy treat, mixing up a potion or digging for treasure, come and explore the magical world of woodland discovery at Lizzie’s Way. What’s new this year?… you’ll have to wait and see!… but you can expect to find Lizzie playing in one of her favourite activities including … Mud cafe
Come and create your very own secret recipe in our mud kitchen and make a delicious muddy treat.  Parent’s can relax on a toadstool whilst their children take their order and together enjoy a delicious tea party under the canopy in the woods. Let’s break last year’s record for the biggest Camp Bestival MUD PIE YET! Potions lab
Come and create a magic spell in our colourful potions lab, turn your parents into frogs or help to grant wishes on our wish tree. Woodland snaps
Pop on a silly wig, wear a mask and take a picture of you and your family that you will cherish for a lifetime in our woodland photo booth. Dig, dig, dig…
Grab a spade and dig for treasure, try digging to China, or create your own mud fort in the woods to keep the grown-ups out! Puppet theatre
Create your own shows in the woodland puppet theatre and perform to your family and friends. Woodland encampment
Come and explore in the dens that the woodland tribe left behind. As they embark on their next adventure it’s your turn to create your own adventure in our enchanted encampment. Story dens
Escape the hustle and bustle and grab a cosy cushion and curl up for a story with your parents in our story dens and get lost in a book. There is no requirement to book a place but all children need to be accompanied by an adult. Children remain the responsibility of their accompanying adults at all times within Lizzie’s Way.