Leftfield performing Leftism

From the release of their debut single, Not Forgotten, in 1990, Leftfield have been about one thing, pushing things forward.  As a duo, made up of Paul Daley and Neil Barnes, Leftfield spent much of the early nineties defining house and techno with a raft of remixes for the likes of Inner City, Ultra Nate and the late great David Bowie before they dropped their game changing debut album, Leftism. The album cemented the Leftfield sound, dub-fuelled, epic and completely original; they were arguably the first act to make electronic music an art form and followed up Leftism with another electronic masterpiece in the form of 1999’s Rhythm and Stealth. After a break of some 15 years Leftfield returned last year with Neil Barnes at the controls and a new album, Alternative Light Source, which managed to sound completely fresh and effortlessly classic, proving just how important Leftfield is to the world of electronic music.