Kidocracy is an interactive theatre show for children aged 6+, presented by Keith Farnan (Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow). Appearing as his alter ego, Brehon, an ancient Irish know-it-all, the show begins when children are told they are being given an island to rule. In just under an hour, they must elect leaders, write anthems, come up with rules that rock and deal with all sorts of crises because running the world isn’t just all fun, fun, fun, there’s stuff to be done as well. This is a unique and exciting show for children that aims to show the importance of participation in democracy, whether it be real or invented. Focusing on various challenges, the audience are stimulated (in a fun and entertaining way) to think about societal problems and how they would deal with it.  Alongside various challenges, interactive ‘news reports’ (in the form of pre-filmed videos), live broadcasts etc, the key underlying aspect of the show is to create the sense that participation is vital and that everyone’s voice is important, thus the aim is to involve as many of the children in the audience as possible in all aspects of running the Island, whether it’s running for a leadership job, writing the national anthem, voting for an idea or coming up with an idea yourself. Kidocracy aims to inspire enthusiasm in the youngest generation to fix the mistakes of the oldies when it comes to how things are run.