Jo Ingleby

 Jo Ingleby is a Bristol based chef and winner of the BBC Cook of the Year 2015. Jo works with children under the age of 4 at Redcliffe Children's Centre in inner city Bristol where she leads the ground-breaking Food Project and also cooks lunch! At Redcliffe the children don't make fairy cakes or ice biscuits they explore fresh seasonal produce and cook on a child height induction hob, using imaginations and creativity rather than recipes. The approach at Redcliffe is following children's interests rather than teaching about food. This Experimental Cookery encourages very young children to use all of their senses to explore fresh produce, spices, herbs and global ingredients. Jo has also worked as Head Chef of Demuths restaurant in Bath and is a founding tutor of their award winning Cookery School teaching contemporary vegetarian cookery from around the world. Jo's passion is for cooking with vegetables and spices and she runs Plot to Plate courses, pop up creative cookery events and supperclubs with a host of local chefs, farms and organisations. Jo trained as an artist before living in Spain and becoming a chef and she hopes to encourage creativity and experimentation in the kitchen, whatever your age! Jo is an ambassador of The Feast Collective at Camp Bestival.