How to get Kids (& Parents) to hit the Healthy Stuff with Beverley Glock

Cooking with children; making London landmarks from gingerbread; launching a kids cookery school in Azerbaijahn; creating a wedding bouquet out of cupcakes for Channel 4; teaching kids molecular gastronomy tricks – and that’s all before lunch!  Beverley is a whirlwind of energy as a food writer, author of 4 recipe books and running cookery school specialising in children’s and family cookery.  She’s also a bit keen on eating healthily and getting kids (and adults) off that nasty, super-addictive, white powder aka sugar and eating fruit and vegetables even when they don’t realise that they are.  Beverley will be in the Literary Institute chatting about how to get you’re your children (and their Dads) to hit the healthy stuff without noticing.   Beverley will be giving heaps of tips, sharing stories and recipe ideas as well as answering your questions. While writing her latest books; 500 Meals that Kids Can Make (due for publication in Sept 2017) and 200 Healthy Kids Recipes, Beverley managed to reduce sugar in her family’s diet and increase their fruit and veg intake, without them realising.  Unfortunately she was caught out when she put peas in her mint choc chip ice cream (for colour) and had to confess.  Honesty is always best, you’re going to get caught in the end.