Happy Maki

Happy Maki make giant sushi wraps.Always rolled to order our Maki are fresh, delicious and 100% vegan! Our food is good for you and the planet as every time you buy a wrap from us you plant a tree and feed a child too. Truly feel good sushi. Come and try our Hoisin "Duck" wrap sure to please the hungriest of carnivores or the Thai Sweet Potato with roasted coconut, avocado, coriander, cucumber and Teriyaki sauce, another crowd pleaser.Each wrap can be customised with wasabi ginger and soy, gluten free options available.   Why we do it ? Sustainability runs deeply in our company ethos and it all started when Anna the founder ended up on a 4 month adventure pearl farming in French Polynesia. On return to the UK the she was inspired to educate herself about the state of our oceans and from this the vision of a healthy fish free sushi street food van was born. With our food we’re aiming to raise awareness of overfishing and ocean health issues whilst providing much needed healthy, fresh and vegan food at UK events. Our charity partner is The Black Fish, an international marine conservation organization also on a mission to change attitudes towards our precious oceans and to work on protecting the unique life within them. With them we have created co branded educational “fish facts” food wrappers. For more info on any of the above please visit our website. Happy Maki are part of The Feast Collective at Camp Bestival, a food lovers' haven celebrating exceptional food innovators from across the UK.