Elly Pear

Elly Curshen, owner of Bristol’s Pear Café, better known as Elly Pear and author of Sunday Times bestseller, 'Fast Days and Feast Days', is passionate about encouraging people to cook from scratch and try new things. Her bright, inventive cooking is influenced by world cuisine but always with an eye on the local greengrocers. Her second book, 'Elly Pear's Let's Eat!' willbe published byHarper Collins on June 15th. Elly Pear - real name Elly Curshen - is the founding owner of the Pear Caféin Bristol (established in 2006), described "as a must-visit destination" for fresh, delicious, handmade soups, frittata and sandwiches as well as the 'legendary' Butterscotch and Plain Chocolate Brownies.  Elly's début cookbook, Fast Days and Feast Days was published by Harper Collins in April 2016 and went ontobe a Sunday Times bestseller. She has also written for InStyle Magazine as their food and cookery columnist, as well being featured in The Pool, Red, The Guardian, The Independent, Stella Magazine and many more.  Her second book, 'Elly Pear's Let's Eat!' willbe published by Harper Collins on June 15th 2017. Itfeatures over 90 recipes (again, all meat free), many of which are batch cooking ideas with multiple off -shoot recipes. Make a load of something, divide itup and freeze it, then serve itupin a variety of totally different ways, so you're not eating the same thing again and again! From Tomato &Coconut Dahl to Spiced Roasted Plum Upside Down Cake, from Mushroom, Walnut and Lentil Rigatoni to Poached Salmon with Tahini Yogurt & Pickled cucumber - delicious food for everyone, every day.