Dr DJ & Bollywood Dancers

Dr DJ as his name implies is a Medical Doctor by profession, a Cosmetic Physician and lives on the Isle of Wight. His love for dance music started in the 90’s. Dr DJ has been passionate about DJing for over five years. He started DJing as a hobby in private parties. It took off spectacularly, and now he is a semi-professional DJ. He loves uplifting and feel good tunes. He gets lost in his zone while playing. It allows him to leave all the work stress as a doctor behind. He considers dance music as a great therapy. He loves beats to move to, get tapping your feet, nodding your head and moving your body. Mission statement. Entertaining the crowd and loves to have a packed dance floor. Give the crowd the music they would love to dance to.
Dr DJ loves playing both the opening sets or peak hours. He prefers to play in larger venues. He plays various genres of music including pop, house, electronic, chart but specializes in Bollywood and Bhangra dance music. This has taken the place by storm and there is a great demand for his services. He plays authentic Bollywood music and offers the real taste of Bollywood. His target audience is everyone. People from all backgrounds enjoy his Bollywood mixes and Bhangra tunes. He has performed at numerous private and corporate events including. He was the first DJ to play Bollywood music in public events and in Carnivals on the Isle of Wight.