DJ BBQ & His BBQ Zoo

"Each year our DJ BBQ crew says, "The Feast Collective can't get any better!" But, it does. The weather, the people, the music, and the food are always outstanding. This year we lost a bit of our pitch to the exceptional Jam Jar bar. So, what do we do, we build a mini pennisula  into the field where we introduced TRUE BRITISH BBQ to the masses. We built a spit using a landrover wench system and cooked an entire leg of cow each day over live fire. We hung pork belly, turkeys, and cauliflower over the same pit. It's the best food we've ever served. Of course we have our burgers and 18 hour slow and low smoked pulled pork sandwich on offer. We created games with the pork shoulder "rub off" which was a big hit. Two men, 23  five kilo pork shoulders and a load of the "mix of rad". What a spectacle. People kept returning asking when the next show was going to be. Plus we brought our new vinyl turntable soundsystem. Three of the best DJ's joined us to spin fun party tunes and a very special guest turned up to grab some BBQ and spin a set. Thanks, Fatboy Slim. "But what really makes the Feast Collective tent so very special is the wide variety of food.  Great artisans, chefs, and passionate cooks bring world food to the best tent at any festival ever.  I promise you this.  The Feast Collective and the people that reside within will blow your mind with taste sensations and good times.' "We can't wait to go back." Christian Stevenson