A few weeks ago the caravans started arriving. Rolling in with the sunshine.  It's a convoy of English and French artists, gypsies and beatniks and they've set up an encampment at Camp Bestival where weary travellers and wanderers can rest and recharge. They welcome you to explore and lounge in their bric-a-brac camp built form old vehicles, curiosities and objects d'art they have found on the road. Caravanserai is a unique venue from the imagination of Monsieur Bateman, an artist who has been building magical creations for Camp Bestival for several years. This is one of our favourite places on site and we're very excited to be welcoming it's ramshackle beauty back to the fields.  Built entirely from vintage caravans and fairground rides, it’s the place to go wild and grab some cocktail treats while you kick back and enjoy the floor-filling gypsy-fuelled vintage beats. A chilled-out hang out in the afternoon and positively rambunctious at night! image