Camp Bestival Opening Ceremony

All are welcome to join the local druids at Camp Bestival's Opening Ceremony which takes place at 7pm on Thursday at Spinney Hollow. Camp Bestival is a majestic celebration of music and the arts-bardic in nature. Held at the sacred time of Lammas which marks the beginning of harvest. Now is culmination of the mad, fast and busy time through the summer months. Lammas is an opportunity to start to wind down, to stop, realise and take stock; the fruit, berries, apples, grains all that feeds and nourishes us, Camp Bestival is a celebration of all that feeds and nourishes our soul. Stop and enjoy this time in Peace, love, beauty and joy, here and now. The Opening Ceremony is an opportunity to give thanks to the Ancestors and Spirits of the land at Lulworth for accepting our presence. We bless the land upon which we walk and call for Peace, Joy and love, ensuring that all that happens within the weekend is Peaceful, blissful and loving.