Brian Wilson presents Pet Sounds

Here at Camp Bestival we love a legend and none come much bigger than the magnificent Brian Wilson, arguably the greatest composer of popular music in the modern era. Born and raised in California, he co-founded the Beach Boys in 1961 with his two younger brothers, his cousin Mike and school friend Alan and they went on to become quite simply the most successful American rock band in history. Through his musical imagination the band produced some of the most cherished recordings of all time, Help me Rhonda, California Girls, In My Room, I Get Around, to name but a few and all of this while he was barely out of his teens.  By the mid sixties though, glorious harmonies, ingenious hooks and four years of uninterrupted hits were no longer enough to satisfy him and his creative ambitions grew dramatically, and in the space of twelve months he would produce three records that would change popular music forever. The first, ‘Pet Sounds’, changed how popular music was written and recorded forever, the second was ‘Good Vibrations’ a single not finished in time to make it onto 'Pet Sounds' and as perfect a slice of pop music as you will ever hear and the third was the album ‘SMiLE’, the most anticipated album in pop history which he inexplicably shelved, until it’s eventual release years later in 2004. After decades away from music Brian thankfully returned to the live arena at the turn of the century and has been delighting audiences around the globe ever since which is why we are so proud and excited to welcome the great man to our little corner of the world. Brian's appearance at Camp Bestival is extra special as, due to phenomenal public demand in the UK, it will see him return one last time to play his opus 'Pet Sounds' in its entirety, followed by a host of greatest hits from one of the most celebrated back catalogues in pop music.