Baker & Beale

Baker & Beale are the DJ duo of Iain Baker (Jesus Jones), and Dylan
Beale (Rude & Deadly) Iain first found fame as the keyboard wizard for 90's indie-pop superstars Jesus Jones The band toured all over the world and sold over 2 million albums, with huge singles such as "Right Here Right Now" - which reached number one in the US. A lifelong DJ, he spent the 90's moonlighting at techno clubs such as Club UK, Turnmills, and many
others, before branching out into radio. He worked at XFM for the best part of a decade, before going on to help launch NME Radio in 2010. Old Skool producer and DJ Dylan “Dog” Beale first started mashing beats together on 4 track tapes in Newcastle in the mid ‘80s, before a move to London saw him immerse himself in the fledgling hardcore and Jungle scene. He rose to prominence as one half of Drum'n'Bass duo Rude & Deadly, who released the legendary Jungle anthem "Give Me A
Dubplate/Mash Dem Down", still one of the most sought after, and revered slabs of Jungle vinyl . He also managed to accidentally invent Grime in ’94 when writing the soundtrack to the video game "Wolverine: Adamantium Rage" on the Super Nintendo! Iain and Dylan met by chance at Iain's sons birthday party, where they discovered both had worked in music, and once they found common ground in the tunes they'd loved (and produced!) earlier in their careers, a DJ team was born. Onstage, the two work together seamlessly, both spinning the tunes, effortlessly switching positions behind the decks. Their sets are a dizzying mix of all of their influences - blending Acid house, Jungle, Drum'n'Bass, classic house, hardcore, techno, and all points in between. Since joining forces just two years ago, Baker & Beale have gone from strength to strength, wowing crowds across the UK, as part of the Big Fish Little Fish team of DJ's and playing to crowds of 2,000 family ravers.