Camp Bestival are pleased to welcome legends of the original rave scene in the form of the mighty Altern 8.  Mark Archer and Chris Peat began recording choice techno cuts in the guise of Nexus 21 before becoming inspired by the early hardcore and breakbeat that was appearing and started to record as Altern 8.  Their second release The Vertigo E.P. exploded onto the UK scene and in particular lead track Infiltrate 202 which at the time, epitomised everything that was exciting, fresh and new about the rave sound. With the scene crying out for faces to put to the music, the next logical progression was for the boys to take their sound onto the road playing pretty much every massive legal and illegal rave of the time.  Their follow up record Activ-8 took the Alten 8 sound out of the underground and into the pop charts, partly due to their massive popularity and partly due to some natty tabloid baiting PR. Altern 8 went on to release their only album Full on… Mask Hysteria in 1992, a record that listened to now can be considered as a soundtrack for modern UK dance culture’s formative years, it’s a collection of anthems that that encapsulates everything that was so special about those times.  Hardcore You Know The Score!!