Bigtopmania Kids Theatre & Circus

Make sure you have plenty of leftover energy to rock out with BigTopMania. An orchestra of fun awaits you with bundles of shows and interactive activities. Mosh pit on the interactive inflatables or crowd surf on a mega ball. They have circus skills a plenty, Take That once rode unicycles on their circus tour and now you can (try) too. Walk the slackline, swing on a trapeze or ride a crazy bike. If you’re more interested in sitting back and watching some shows, they have a fabulous array of Camp Bestival favorites. Rock Stars of the circus world BigTopMania Family Circus returns once again; same team with a new gleam. All new routines! If you miss that and still want to see some circus you can catch some of the band members in a separate performance by Lucas Jet and Oneface Mapacha. Big Foot the Clown is back presenting his greatest hits! Treehouse Theatre never disappoint and constantly reinvent themselves like the David Bowie of the children’s theatre world. Whether you’re a one hit wonder or a headline act, the stage is yours in the BigTopMania Children’s Talent Show. If you still need more disco in your life come check out the legendary Big Bear’s Big Balloon Disco. As well as all this they have a little Rock Stars Toddler space and a huge Craft Big Top where the creative heads of the next generation can unleash their artistic output on the world. image