Animalphabet the Musical

The Animalphabet team are really looking forward to bringing some AnimAlphabet Musical chaos to Camp Bestival. AnimAlphabet is a brilliant new 2017 show for families with music by Al and Sam of The Hoosiers. With colourful characters, catchy songs and puppetry there's something to entertain the whole family. Colin the Cockatoo, an unlikely hero, is tasked with a mission to reunite the AnimAlphabet Animals following a disagreement with Metro The Gnome. Aided by Scaley the Snake, Cockatoo must find Alligator, Bear, Donkey, Elephant, Frog and Giraffe so the sorry song can be sung. It would all be so easy if it wasn’t for that dastardly duck, Calando who attempts to thwart Cockatoo on his mission every step of the way. AnimAlphabet is a fun, fast paced comical journey that will leave audiences smiling with joy and singing the very catchy songs all day long. AnimAlphabet features Kerry Ingram (Game of Thrones, Olivier Award Winning Matilda, Netflix Mystery Horse Project) as the voice of Metro The Gnome.