Residents Information

As part of the Premises licence application process the event organisers made the commitment to increase the engagement with the local community. We have engaged with Purbeck District Council, Dorset County Council, Police, Fire and Ambulance; the highways and transport teams at South West Trains and Go South Coast.  We have also listened carefully to the parish councils in the surrounding areas of the event.  As well as a community engagement exhibition held in March, this website is one of those methods to improve communication.  The Dates of the event are: Camp Bestival
Build Period:
• 17th July to 26th July
• 27th July to 31st July
Break Period:
• 1st August to 8th August Camp Bestival Topline Event Timings found here There will then be a transition period where low level activity on site will take place, however vehicle movements will be kept to a minimum.  Residents Contact
Phone: The residents hotline number is: 01929 290782. Operation times are:
Thursday 27th July:  10:00 – 02:00
Friday 28th July:  08:00 – 03:00
Saturday 29th July:  08:00 – 03:00
Sunday 30th July:  08:00 – 02:00
Monday 31st July:  08:00 – 17:00 Email: Get in touch with any questions. Community Funding Page
Information to be issued soon Community Engagement Meetings
The local Parish Councils already have an involvement in the Safety Advisory Group Process.  This is a regular meeting with the Council, Police, Ambulance, Fire and other key agencies, to discuss the plans for the event.  We want to ensure that they are as detailed as possible and minimising the impact that the Event has on the local area.  We also want to make the event as safe as possible for those coming to enjoy themselves. In addition to this there is a desire to open the lines of communication up to the wider community.  We are therefore going to be holding engagement meetings in the Spring and Autumn (pre-and post the events).  These will be open drop-in sessions to make it as convenient as possible for you to attend.  Here there will be representatives from the Festival, the organisers, Police and Purbeck District council, where you can come along learn something about the event and ask questions to the Event Management team.  The dates for 2017 are:
• Tuesday 28th March 18:00-20:00 at Lulworth Castle
• Tuesday 3rd October 18:00-20:00 at Lulworth Castle We had a great response to this meeting in March with over 40 people in attendance.  Some of the items that we discussed are:
• Residents and businesses access to their properties
• Use of Train Stations
• Children’s routes to/from school
• Community benefits (supporting charities)
• Restricting vehicle access through Coombe Keynes
• Customer re-entry policy
• What kit is being left on site between shows Transport
Traffic Management

What impact can you expect?
LoudSound and Bestival are working with the Purbeck District Council Safety Advisory Group (Police, Council and Highways Authority) to create a robust traffic management plan. This has been proven to work at Camp Bestival, inevitably there may be congestion at times, however everything possible will be done to minimise the impact on the local community. How will we ensure cars follow the event signage?
Our professional traffic management company Blue Arrow (have worked the event for 10 years) will install signage to advise people to switch off their Sat Nav.  There will also be signs and Staff to direct customers.  Additionally there will be Traffic Marshalls and Accredited Staff to support the enforcement of the signage.  How will you know about the road closures?
The traffic management plan will be published in advance of the event.  We will undertake a letter drop and there’s also this community website which be updated with the current plan to show the routes to be affected by the event traffic.  We will also send a copy of the residents letter via email to the Parish Councils to distribute out. What if you have a problem with traffic?
We will have a residents phone line for you to call during the set up period and during the show.  This will give you direct access to the Event Control room where there will be someone to listen to your issue, investigate and inform you of the actions taken.   Transport Routes
The LoudSound and Bestival teams have worked with the Safety Advisory Group (SAG) to develop a proposed Traffic Management Plan.  The SAG includes representatives from:
• Purbeck District Council,
• Dorset County Council,
• Dorset Police, Dorset Fire & Rescue and South West Ambulance,
• the local Parish Councils.
We have further increased the invitation for feedback to other Parish Councils in the area as we want greater local involvement. The Transport Management Plan will be ready for the end of May and then reviewed again prior to Bestival. Traffic Route Map found here. Travel advice from dorsetforyou can be found here. Sound Management 
Noise Specialists have been appointed to map the sound across the area of the event site. Specialist directional speaker systems used to Minimise Impact Off Site.  LoudSound and Bestival are working with the council & SAG to agree noise levels – These are monitored throughout the Event.  There is a dedicated phone line direct to Event Control for residents complaints.  Litter and Environment
We have a dedicated External Event Manager who will be working from Wednesday before through to Monday after the Event.  They will be here to meet with you, respond to any issues and will be out in the community checking that all the plans that we have in place are being implemented.  Security & Policing
AP Security are the appointed Professional, Private Security Company for the Event. LoudSound and AP are working in Partnership with Dorset Police. Dedicated Security Patrols and Static Security Positions in East Lulworth and Coombe Keynes. Security to be deployed at the Train Stations for Bestival, Security and Police work hand in hand to target Crime and anti-social behaviour. Residents Phone Line to receive any concerns about the event - including security issues (if a crime is being committed then dial 999) High level perimeter fencing to be around the Festival site Drugs Search Operation in Place at the entrances to the event for Bestival Working towards the licensing objectives:
a) The prevention of crime and disorder;
b) Public safety;
c) The prevention of public nuisance; and
d) The protection of children from harm Discounted Tickets
Discounted tickets are available for some areas surrounding the site, eligible areas are those that fall into the community consultation process. More information can be found here.