The Curiously Convenient Store

The Curiously Convenient Store for all your Camp Bestival needs and more! From Milk and bread to blankets for your bed. Sweets, biscuits, coffee and tea, for all you've forgotten roll up and see. The Curiously Convenient Store in the Magic Meadow will supply all you needs for children and grown ups alike - from fully stocked Organix baby products, food, wipes, jellies, to Moltex nappies - sold in singles for that emergency! - to water, juice cartons, suncream, frisbees, biodegradable tent pegs, glowing umbrellas, health food bars, guarana, organic crisps, green and blacks chocolate, rizla and all other essentials! There will also be Camp Bestival postcards with stamps - a writing desk and a postbox for the magic meadow elves to take you wishes to loved ones back home! Full of all the usual Festival General Store Essentials - with some very Camp Bestival variations The Curiously Convenient Store promises everything you need and more - especially gingerbread men.