Podpads are cosy little lovingly built and decorated wooden huts. They have a solid floor, fitted carpet, shelving, interior light and locks on the front door. They have a mirror and three windows with their own curtains. ‘podpads’ are weatherproof, secure, safe and cosy and come with double or twin beds with a mattress and storage space underneath. Eco-friendly, the ‘podpads’ are solar-powered by their fabulous sunflower solar panels powering fitted interior LED lighting and 12v car dashboard sockets suitable for mobile and iPod charging (don't forget your 12v incar charger). Podpads can be booked direct via Podpads and are priced £515 each. The people behind PodPads have a wide range of additional Boutique Camping options with Bellepads, Beaupads, Luxpads, Bunkpads and Octopads all available, with prices ranging from £345 to £1125 for the weekend. These accomodations can sleep from 2 to 6 adults. Head over to Podpads for full descriptions, photos of each type, prices and to book. image image