Ever been to a festival and wanted to kick back a little and take the weight off your dancing feet on the way to your tent? This year at Camp Bestival, the good people of Festaxi will be joining us once again in the fields to give you an alternative way of getting back to your tent. Campers in Yellow, Purple, Boutique and both Campervan Fields will be able to grab a lift on a buggy at a cost of £10 for up to five people to drop-off points near the arena entrances. All you’ll need to do is hail a taxi and you’ll be lifted off your feet and into the fun. Not only this, but Festaxis will also do car park to campsite transfers to get you in and set-up so you can all begin to enjoy your festi-holiday at Camp Bestival. Due to limited visibility at night this service cannot run after dark. Last taxis to the arena will leave at 20:30 each night. Limited pre-bookable tickets for car park transfers are available to purchase at the Festaxi Shop. There will be available slots for those that do not get a chance to pre-book, who will be able to queue. Please understand that this is an extremely popular service, and there can be a lengthy waiting time during peak periods. You cannot book a time slot; this service will operate upon a first-come first-serve basis. Pre-booking will give you priority over those that haven’t, but you may still have to queue for a long time. Festaxi cannot guarantee a waiting time promise, however, pre-booking will guarantee you a Festaxi. As part of our actions to review all our wet weather plans for Camp Bestival, we’ve made some changes to the Festaxi service, so that we can ensure this service is able to run in more testing weather conditions. The following changes have been implemented for 2018:General Camping - this year we’ve created specific drop-off points that your Festaxi will be able to take you to. This means you won’t be able to be driven to exactly where you want to camp, but a spot nearby. Please make sure that you can carry anything you pack into the Festaxi. If you’re wanting a return journey, you’ll also need to make your way to a pick-up point with your belongings.Camping Plus – We’ve altered the route into the Camping Plus field slightly. Your Festaxi will be able to drop you off in your coloured zone, but may not be able to take you directly to your pitch if weather is particularly wet. Please be prepared to carry you stuff a small distance. For a return journey, you’ll need to get make your way to a designated pick-up point with your belongings. - Boutique Camping – Boutique Customers using Festaxi will be dropped off by the entrance to the Boutique Camping field.Campervan/Caravan Field – Festaxi rides will drop off at the entrance to this field. Thanks for helping us help Festaxi make this work.