Camping Overview

As Camp Bestival's name suggests, we place a lot of emphasis on making sure your campsite experience is the best it can be. There are 4 different types of camping field (plus a campervan area and a caravan/trailer tent area) at Camp Bestival - each with car parks relatively close by to reduce how far you'll need to walk with all your kit (phew!), and each with their own sets of showers, loos (many of which will be of the eco-friendly and non-smelly compostable variety), tasty food stalls, recycling points and more. Once again this year all campsites will be open on Thursday to give you an extra day to arrive early and set up camp - you'll have to buy a Thursday Entry camping ticket (rather than Friday Entry) which are on sale here: The Main Campsites are located near to the Magic Meadow field and you just need to turn up, pick your space and park your own tent. Camping in the Main Campsites is included free with your event ticket. This area has been divided up into 2 coloured zones, Purple and Yellow... just to help you find your tent. Most of the area in these campsites is for family camping although there will also be a signed area which is for non-families. Camping Plus returns to Camp Bestival 2015 for those of you that want to guarantee yourselves a healthy amount of reserved camping space. For an additional fee, you'll get a guaranteed plot which you can select when you book using our online theatre-style booking system, and all the plots can be individually booked so you can ensure the whole of your party are camping side by side in adjacent plots. All this plus a dedicated car park and entrance, easy access to showers, loos and top notch cafes so you can set yourself and the family up for the day with a cracking breakfast. The Boutique Campsite (bookable in advance in addition to your festival ticket) is where you will find the beautiful and luxurious Tipis, Yurts, Squrts, Cloudhouses, Podpads, Bell Tents etc. Check the links to all our Boutique Campsite suppliers on the right hand side menu for prices, more info and to book with the suppliers. The Tangerine Fields Campsite will be located in its own field next to the main campsites and contains ready-pitched and fully-equiped tents that you can hire in advance plus Gypsy Caravans. Again, please check the links on the side menu for more info and to book. There will also be a separate Campervan area for which you will need to buy a separate campervan ticket in addition to your event ticket - click here for more info. Caravans & Trailer Tents are also welcome - a separate ticket will be needed in addition to your event ticket - head over here for more info. We will publish a site map around 2 weeks before the event so you can see how the festival site, campsites and car parks are all laid out.